About Me

As an American/Italian, I appreciate good food, but after a 20 year battle with weight gain, suffering from chronic rashes, adrenal exhaustion, gout and food allergies, I have had to re-think my diet.  I am a professional writer, a food enthusiast, and a lover of life.  My journey has not been easy, but it has lead me to a path of alkaline-based living.  I no longer eat for just the taste, but I eat to celebrate life!


2 responses to “About Me

  1. You should link to your other blogs here somewhere and in those other blogs links to here (know what I mean) in interconnected ways. Also, list them all in your Gravatar. I don’t see a link to your Gravatar here yet. Just some helpful spocklogic advice…

  2. Thanks so much Signore Spock… I am way behind the eight-ball on so many levels here. I will have to do that. 🙂 Grazie for the advice.

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